My granddad taught me to make pie. His favorite recipe was his mom’s Lemon “Butta”, which they’d make together during hot Alabama summers in the 1940s.

We made ours in 90s Detroit, no matter the season. He’d take me along to shop for ingredients, and I’d watch him pick up each lemon, toss it between his hands, smell it, hold it to his ear. “They tell you if they’re ready to be eaten or not,” he’d say with a smile. 

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We’d return home with a bagful, squeeze their juice into loads of melted butter, sugar, and other goodies, and bake it all in a handmade crust. The house would smell delicious for days.

Twenty years later, with kids of my own and a trip to cooking school, I decided this fourth-generation recipe was too special to keep in the family. Lush Yummies Pie Co. is dedicated to making pies like my granddad taught me, but with my own spin and a strong emphasis on local, farm-fresh ingredients. And, yes, I still listen to my lemons.


xo, Jennifer